Cake is good but you cannot have sex with cake.

Oh yes you can.

why are you having sex with cake

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Clearly George takes after his father. And Matthew is obviously down in the kitchen trying to save any cake from the flames.

Thanks to patsan for the cap!

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technically if you don’t cut a cake and just eat the whole thing with a fork you still only had one piece

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madamemarmot asked: Oh, yes! And it was awesome!

Thank you so much!

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madamemarmot asked: FWIW, msmenna (?? IDK, but it's in the DA tag) posted a long set of the Servants' Ball, and Matthew was dancing with (who else???) Mrs. Patmore. Maybe you can make something of that? Maybe you already did. Just trying to help. Hope your writer's block clears up soon, cuz I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your blog!

Haha, I did make a set about that a while back. You can find it here! :)

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Okay okay okay. I actually DID screenshot things earlier, but my photo editor was being a piece of crap and wouldn’t let me put text on anything, which sort of defeats the purpose of making the edits. Hopefully the bugs will work out soon.

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I’ve got to screencap some scenes before I can post anything because all my s3 caps have disappeared. Shoot. Cake to come.

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you-know-everything-jon-snow asked: Are you still doing the line of dialogue thing? If so, Mary/Matthew and "Have you seen the... oh" please :) (Preferably him saying it and stops short when he looks up and sees her) asdfghjkl


Sorry that this is from FOREVER AGO.

Also, it is 100% an homage to matthewluvscake.

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